COVID-19 information

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due to the current difficult global situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to inform our customers and partners proactively about the situation at BROSA AG.

We have suspended travel and personal customer appointments until…


Sensors with three output-signals

BROSA offers sensors in a redundant setup for a long time, there is a wide range of different configurations which can be adapted. With rising demand for safety we have also seen an increasing demand for our redundant sensors. A new trend and meanwhile proven technology at BROSA…


Partnership announced between Brosa & LMS (Load Monitoring Systems Ltd)

Germany based Brosa, leading manufacturer of force measurement sensors and pressure transducers, have agreed a partnership with with British based LMS (Load Monitoring Systems Ltd) a specialised load cell design, manufacturing and rental business. 


On behalf of Brosa who's…


BROSA Force sensor washer for container weighing - now also OIML R60 certified

The BROSA force sensor washer is now available with the certificate R60 of OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) for container weighing. The international recommendation R60 describes the general and metrological requirements for load cells and how to verify them.


Force measuring pin MOP

Force measuring pins are typically designed for a load limit of 150% and a breaking load of 300% of the measuring range.

However, there are applications in which a relatively small measuring range and thus a low load limit precludes a large load.

BROSA force measuring pins with…