Development and construction

The needs and expectations of our customers are highly individual, which is why we create independent and innovative solutions. With a strong team of experienced professionals, we provide answers to all questions having to do with force measurement and develop tailored precision instruments in close dialogue with our customers.

We can do this because our in-house specialists perform both the mechanical development, design (with 3D CAD) and FE simulation. To ensure the sensor is optimally tailored to your requirements, different materials are available (e.g. stainless steel, fine-grained steel, SuperDuplex steel), as are a variety of testing machines for product verification.

At the same time, the requirements on the hardware and software of the integrated amplifier are adapted to your needs. To this end, there is a choice of numerous micro-controller platforms from 8bit to 32bit ARM systems with a wide range of interfaces (e.g. current output, CANopen, PROFINET) and programming languages ​​(C, C++, Assembler). Here as well, the overall development of hardware and software takes place in-house.

Due to this high development and production depth, with BROSA GmbH you get a product tailored to you needs in a short amount of time.

From the first draft to the completed product - BROSA stands for perfection down to the last detail.