Quality & environmental policy

Quality & environmental policy

The high quality of our products and the minimization of our environmental impact are important prerequisites for the successful future of our company. As a sensor manufacturer, we are committed to the global tasks of environmental protection within the scope of our possibilities.

Internal company standards are recorded in the management manual and dynamically adapted to changing market conditions and technical progress.

Our aim is to ensure that the specific processes comply with the standards


DIN EN ISO 14001

and to optimize them.

Corporate goals - principles of our quality and environmental policy

  • High customer satisfaction,
  • Environmentally friendly and quality-oriented action in all processes,
  • Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations,
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and prevention of negative environmental impacts identified and evaluated as part of the management system.
  • Legally compliant operations in all areas,
  • fair and correct business practices with all our partners and colleagues
  • High quality advice and products,
  • friendly dealings with customers, colleagues and partners.

All these goals are to be achieved through the tight organization and the self-responsible actions of our employees.

Commitment to quality and minimizing environmental impact

  • Every employee is responsible for achieving the quality and environmental goals.
  • Training measures are designed to promote an understanding of and responsibility for quality and environmental issues.
  • In the manufacture of our products, resources are used sparingly and carefully and environmental pollution beyond the legal requirements is avoided as far as possible.


Quality and environmental goals

  • Promoting the professional and social skills of our employees,
  • Promoting environmental awareness among our employees,
  • manufacturing faultless products and continuous improvement,
  • streamlined organization, flat hierarchies, independent action by each individual employee in his or her area,
  • Designing business processes with customer friendliness in mind,
  • continuous evaluation and measurable minimization of environmental impact for normal operation and in the event of damage,
  • continuous further development in the technical field and promotion of personal initiative with regard to research and development,
  • regular recording and evaluation of relevant environmental data,
  • promoting an open dialog with the public and the authorities.

To implement these objectives, a management system was introduced and the management handbook was put into effect by the management.