Angle sensor MEMS

BROSA angle sensors are characterized by high long-term stability and accuracy. The high-quality workmanship and the use of robust MEMS technology bring decisive advantages. The MEMS technology used can withstand shocks of up to 3500 g in operation. Other impressive features include high measurement accuracy and extreme vibration resistance for versatile applications.

There are various applications in which our angle sensors MEMS are used:

  • Rotating tower cranes
  • Mobile harbor cranes
  • Crawler cranes
  • Offshore cranes

By default, our angle sensor MEMS offers additional features in addition to a customized design:

  • Integrated amplifier (4-20mA, CANopen, optional Safety)
  • Temperature compensated from -40 ... + 80 °C 
  • High EMC resistance of 200 V/m 
  • Consistent accuracy over the entire temperature range
  • Security classification PL c / SIL 1
  • Protection class IP67 in accordance with DIN EN 60529

As an option, our sensors also offer the following advantages:

  • Fault insensitive to magnetic fields up to 300 mT
  • Redundant design
  • Performance Level d (e) in accordance with ISO 13849
  • SIL 2 (SIL 3) in accordance with IEC 61508
  • Customized connections (cables and connectors)

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