Electronic Weighing System

0656 Electronic Weighing System

The BROSA 0656 Electronic System used as a weighing system for gantry, port, container, rotating tower and indoor cranes typically records 4-8 load signals. These signals can be used to record the total weight as well as the corner loads of a good, in order to comply with the SOLAS directive, for example in container handling. BROSA components are certified according to OIML (R60 / R76). 4 modes can be chosen to, for example obtain various load records or spreader positions and thereby achieve ideal measurement results. The display of the weighing result as well as other configurable value can be conveniently read on a colour display with a diagonal of 4.3”or 7”. Furthermore, direct communication by the 0656 Electronic System with a higher-level crane PLC is possible via CANopen (Safety), PROFIBUS (PROFIsafe) or PROFINET (PROFIsafe). Data loggers and customer-specific interfaces can also be integrated on request. The 0656 Electronic System comes with the FlexLim (Safe) firmware installed, which makes it possible to parametrize defined applications on site very easily by the commissioning engineer via PC. Commissioning at BROSA can be ordered as an additional service. The 0656 Electronic System is supplied in a robust IP67/69k certified housing and can be mounted in the control cabinet as well as in exposed locations. Connection is possible for individual customers via a terminal strip or via modules or interfaces.

Brosa Electronik 0656 could use as Weighing System in

  • Spreader
  • Headblock
  • Cable pulley

and Electronic Overload System PLd / SIL2 can be used in

  • Construction site cranes
  • Straddlecarrier
  • EOT crane



Housing Dimensions

Display 4.3”

  • Resolution: 480 x 272 px (WQVGA), 15:9
  • Connection: CANopen
  • Supply voltage: 9-36 V DC
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +65°C
  • Protection class: IP 65/66

Display 7"

  • Resolution: 800 x 480 px (WQVGA), 15:9
  • Connection: CANopen
  • Supply voltage: 9-36 V DC
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +65°C
  • Protection class: IP 65/66

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There you will find data sheets, declarations of conformity, operating instructions,  certificates and software.



The BROSA System Configurations Tool (BSCT) enables the individual configuration of applications on the PC. Various modules can be linked with each other in order to implement overload protection according to customer requirements. Amongst others, CAN, constants, curves, mathematical and logical operands, multiplexers, comparators and digital inputs and outputs are available. The BSCT enables the creation of application files which can then be transferred to the system via a serial interface (RS 232). The BSCT soft ware comes with a dongle.


Alternatively, the following services can be added to BROSA:

1. Creation of the project (application) and its documentation consisting of:

  • System configuration
  • Visualized software design
  • Software description

2. Accompanying commissioning on site

  • Support during installation on site
  • Calibration of the system with provided test weights
  • Preparation of acceptance report

Other services such as compatibility checks of third-party products on request