Mission statement

Our mission statement reflects our values which all our employees work in accordance with and live up to every day.


We are a sensor manufacturer that develops and manufactures customized solutions.


In our market, we want to have the leading position in terms of:

  • Technology leadership
  • Innovation
  • Speed and flexibility

We want to be contact no. 1 for our customers.

We want to be an attractive, interesting and financially independent company.


We are convinced that it is possible to make better measurements. This has been our drive for new solutions for over 80 years.


We want satisfied customers and therefore want to create demonstrable added value for our customers with our solutions.


Only motivated and well-trained employees create quality across the entire value chain.


At our company, only those who share our values and are ready to take responsibility for the business and the employees can become management.

Encouraging + challenging

The success of Brosa GmbH depends on the performance of each individual in the team. We encourage and challenge the individual strengths of our employees. 


We treat each other with respect and communicate openly and honestly, even or especially because it is not always easy.


Sustainable growth secures our independence and allows for new products.


We are a mid-sized family-owned company and we are committed to our German location.


With our products, we make a positive contribution to our environment and manufacture in compliance with all environmental standards.


Our sensors are safety-relevant components. Our customers can be assured that we do everything possible to ensure this safety.


The creation and maintenance of a strong foundation of trust is a basic requirement for working together with employees, colleagues or clients to find solutions and achieve common goals.