Normal force sensor

BROSA normal force sensor be used in bearing positions to detect weight force Fn occurring there. This simple solution allows the measurement of bearing forces to be integrated into the existing construction with little effort. This is possible because the force transducer, like all force sensors of BROSA, can be individually adapted to the installation situation. Calibration corresponding to the respective installation situation also ensures high measuring accuracy.

There are various applications in which our normal force sensors are used:

  • Bearing force measurement
  • Plant construction
  • Mechanical engineering

Normal force sensor offer the advantage that they can often be installed into the existing structure to save space. 

By default, our normal force sensor offer additional features in addition to a customized design:

  • Integrated amplifier (4-20mA, CANopen, optional Safety, PROFINET, optional PROFIsafe)
  • Design capable of sustained operation
  • Temperature compensated from -40 ... + 80 °C 
  • High EMC resistance of 200 V/m 
  • No zero drift, i.e. no re-calibration required 
  • Consistent accuracy over the entire temperature range
  • Design for tensile and / or compressive forces
  • Load limit 150% and breaking load 300% of the nominal load
  • Security classification PL c / SIL 1
  • Protection class IP66 / IP67 in accordance with DIN EN 60529
  • Calibration of reproduced installation situation including test report

As an option, our sensors also offer the following advantages:

  • Temperature compensated to + 160 °C
  • Fault insensitive to magnetic fields up to 300 mT
  • Redundant design
  • Performance Level d (e) in accordance with ISO 13849
  • SIL 2 (SIL 3) in accordance with IEC 61508
  • Protection class IP69
  • External amplifiers
  • Customized connections (cables and connectors)

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