COVID-19 information

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due to the current difficult global situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to inform our customers and partners proactively about the situation at BROSA AG.

We have suspended travel and personal customer appointments until further notice. Travel to risk areas is also not permitted. Should this nevertheless occur or have occurred, in this case entering the company is only permitted again after 14 days. This regulation applies to employees as well as to our business partners.

Of course we try to protect our staff to the best of our knowledge by separating all employees of our departments. In addition, smaller teams work in the individual departments at different times or from home. We hope that with these measures we will be able to maintain our operations even in the event of illness and thus be able to address all relevant issues for the time being.

We are anxious to ensure the supply of our customers with force measurement technology in the usual way and increase our stock of components and materials to avoid delays in delivery.

Due to our vertical range of manufacture of approx. 95%, we can also currently start stocking customer-specific finished products at short notice in consultation with you.

Please be assured that we take all measures to the best of our knowledge and actions to protect the health of our customers and employees and to maintain our ability to deliver. Unfortunately, a remaining residual risk cannot be completely excluded.