BROSA Force sensor washer for container weighing - now also OIML R60 certified

The BROSA force sensor washer is now available with the certificate R60 of OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) for container weighing. The international recommendation R60 describes the general and metrological requirements for load cells and how to verify them.

Exact measurement where it is needed. Whenever competence, accuracy and experiences are required, BROSA is the best choice. Even before the SOLAS regulation became a topic, BROSA GmbH developed the force sensor washer for container weighing. This sensor can be integrated at the Twist-Lock or Headblock and allows force measurement.

 Always motivated to bring the best product into the market, BROSA is constantly developing its products and reaching with this certification a new level.

Since 1935 BROSA offers customized solutions. When developing new sensors, we always focus on the requirements of our customers. The goal is to support our customers to achieve innovation and competitive advantages.

We offer competent solutions for measuring forces in a variety of different applications.

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